Music of the 70s from Anchorage, Alaska
Music recorded live at locations throughout Anchorage in the 70s
Last update June 20, 2021

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During the years 1970 to 1978, it was my hobby to visit various night clubs in Anchorage and make recordings of the bands. Also, I was associated with Arctic Studios from about 1976 to 1978, and took part in many recording sessions there. Now, over 40 years later, it occurred to me that these may have historical value. Therefore, I now present some of them on this site for your enjoyment. The sound quality varies from barely ok to not too bad! - Dwight Finger

Just a note of reassurance, these are not bootlegged recordings,
they were all done with the knowledge and consent of the respective artists.

As an additional note, the original tapes were optimized then processed through
the Breakaway multi-band dynamic audio processor.

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Lost Knight, Royal Inn Hotel, 1973
Derek Newman (organ, bass), Bryan Roussell (vocals, drums), Big Milt, (sax)
My Girl / Mr. Big Stuff
Since I Fell For You

Joe & Sam
Tiki Room, 1971
Joe Valcourt (organ, piano), Sam Galindez (drums)


Playing a benefit concert at the Pines Club, Sunday afternoon May 14, 1972.
Terry Dale, Michael Bennett, Jeff Sevier, Annie Birmingham, John Thompson, Tommy English.
Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? - Terry
Help Me Make It Through The Night - Annie
Dynamic Sounds
May 12, 1972
Not much is known about this group other than one singer is named Sharon, another is Karol Parsons and Clyde Phipps is on piano and vibes.
The Song is You - Sharon
The One I Love - Karol
The Lady and the Tramps
Club Chinatown, 1971
Jill Virdell (vocals), Ron Ellis (vocals), Bob Antilla (guitar), Larry Monroe (drums), Jim Liske (bass)
Autumn Leaves - Jill
The Lady Is A Tramp - Jill

Oh Me, Oh My - Jill
Without Love - Ron

The Tyrells
The Pines, October, 1970
Lonnie Hillard (vocals), Derek Newman (organ & bass), Doug Tyrell (drums), Lee Tyrell (guitar)
You Keep Me Hangin' On

The Pacemakers
The Pines, June, 1972
Carl Bradford (drums), Bob Mitchell (guitar),
Derek Newman (organ & bass), Bruce Speakman (vocals)
I Should Have Known Better
I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Ventures Medley
Seems To Me
Down By The River
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Precious And Few
Susan Rhodes
1976-78 Arctic Studio and Los Angeles Recordings
Got Me A Feeling (Hit Record)
Ain't It Good (B Side)
Reach Out (Susan Original, Alaska)
Reach Out (Susan Original, L.A.)
Love Me Now (Susan Original)
Sarklin' Eyes
Lucky One
The Tyrells
The Pines, October, 1970
Lonnie Hillard (vocals), Derek Newman (organ & bass), Doug Tyrell (drums), Lee Tyrell (guitar)
Solitary Man - Lonnie
Stagger Lee - Lee
There's Something on Your Mind - Lee
Sticks and Stones - Lee
In the Year 2525 - Lonnie
Dock of the Bay - Lonnie
The Pacemakers
The Pines c. 1972
Carl Bradford (drums), Shirley Kimberly (vocals), Derek Newman (organ & bass), Big Milt (sax)
Superstar (Shirley)
Peter Dana & Denise Johnson
July, 1972
Peter Dana (piano & vocals), Denise Johnson (drums & vocals)
Shame and Scandal
That Ol' Black Magic
Needing Someone (Denise Original)
Warren Johnson & The Rising Tide
The Pines, September, 1971
Warren (vocals), Annie (organ & vocals), Johnny (drums), Luke (guitar & vocals), Speedy (guitar & vocals)
She's a Lady
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Mr. Whitekeys
Chilkoot Charlie's, 1972

She's a Weiner
Satin Doll
The Pacemakers
The Pines, October, 1972
Carl Bradford (drums), Derek Newman (organ & bass), Bruce Speakman (vocals), and
Special Guest "Dudley" from the Green Dragon (sax)
Too Late To Turn Back Now
San Francisco
Lou Rawls
Sept 10, 1971 Live concert at East Anchorage High School
Reggie Powell (arranger and piano), Bob Contino (drums), Dwight White (bass / flute), George Walker (guitar)
For What It's Worth
Love is a Hurtin' Thing
Stormy Monday
Feelin' Good
Linda Andrus
Unknown location, 1972
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Who Can I Turn To
Al Uttech (guitar), Lola Kalfas (vocals), Derek Newman (organ & bass), Vic Leon (vocal), Carl Bradford (drums).
Roy Day 1977
The singing pipeline worker.
Polka Dan
Name Unknown

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